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The soul after death-Father Seraphim Rose

Many patients in hospitals reported seeing beautiful fields and "havens", and is either unconscious or "clinically dead" before recovery. These visions are often accompanied by experiences of beautiful light and a creature approaching them with "love". In contrast, some reports in this "other world" is dark, which may indicate a foretaste of hell. Other visions include people "floats" over their body while unconscious and seeing doctors and loved ones around them. Some even experience to speak of "angelic beings" of various kinds and adjacencies familiar with themselves while they were still alive. Despite all the speculation about this mysterious realm, Fr. Seraphim confirms that it is a sphere of existence between the physical earth and heaven and hell inhabited by demons / fallen angels. He notes that mystical occult adepts are able to travel in this sphere, as seen in the writings of Emmanuel Swedenbourg (seventeenth century Swede) and 19th century theosophists and spiritualists. These visions caused by demons trying to deceive souls is disembodied, before moving onto the 'houses of the toll. "The toll houses were peculiar to more" after death "experiences recorded in human and occult literature, but it is known if Orthodox Christian sources, such as the lives of the saints and various patristic texts.
The demons accuse the soul of evil deeds, but angels sent from God to try to offset the demons from bringing righteous deeds and faith of the soul to Christ. If the soul of the individual has more demonic weight then throws in hell waiting for the Last Judgment, while those passing through the demons ascend into heaven to be with God. Orthodox literature confirms the existence of the toll houses of the teaching of the Apostle Paul in a "fighting not against flesh, but against authorities, etc." The air sphere is where the demons doomed to tempt human souls before the turn sent to hell, the final judgment. The demons are of course invisible to the human senses, but the fruits of their actions appear to human misery, chaos and sin around the world. Even though both demons and angels is beyond the perception human sense, still belong to the realm of creation and so "to this world." In addition, these sprits have clear forms and are finite in their moves (any quality of infinity that belongs only to God), so therefore can be said to have "bodies" in a way similar to the way people do, if not those natural. Fr. Seraphim pays special emphasis, citing too many prominent Orthodox Fathers and spiritual writers, to pray for the dead after because your prayers help some souls reach heaven, calling God's mercy with fervor.

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People foolishly beleive in reincarnation

Fundamentals in Buddhism-Karma in Buddhism.and the orthodox perspective-of the this nonsense of karma come and come again
Only the quality, that is the social surrounding, the physical appearance and the mental abilities of a person are fixed by the deeds of his previous existences, but in noway his actions.

If you see that other people are suffering, and you're in a position to help, you focus not on their karmic past but your karmic opportunity in the present: Some day you may find yourself in the same predicament that they're in now, so here's your opportunity to act in the way you'd like them to act toward you when that day comes.
It's not about fatalism
In Buddhism, rebirth is part of the continuous process of change. In fact, we are not only reborn at the time of death, we are born and reborn at every moment.

However, the Bible was not speaking about karma but about the judgement of God The full Biblical verse is: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever aman soweth, that shall he also reap. -- Galations 6:7.)The concept of karma is nothing more than a cunning attempt to entangle Soul in the laws of physics and thus make followers believe they are dependent on the guru for their release. New Agers like to cite karma as the law of personal responsibility, when in reality it is the opposite, a mechanism which allows someone to behave as he pleases, in the full knowledge that at some future date everything will balance out and no fundamentalharm has been done.Since New Agers believe the law of karma could not operate to full effect over the course of a single lifetime, they propose a long series of lives over which Soul'matures' and works off its bad karma. The end result, supposedly, of this long evolutionary process is God-Realization, the great illumination in which Soul finally becomes a god. Reincarnation is therefore marketed as a flawless mechanism of self- perfection, whereby the immaturities and defects in an individual are gradually refined and eliminated. This beguiling philosophy is designed to ensure that no one makes a serious effort toward their personal salvation since, as New Agers argue,everyone is saved from the outset, so who needs a Saviour? Again, Lucifer isachieving a major objective when he gets someone to accept this sinister philosophy.The New Age movement has tried various ways to market reincarnation among Christians. Chief among these is hypnotic regression, where the subject is placed in atrance-like state and induced to remember episodes from his 'past lives.' This is anextremely clever trick since hypnosis, by its nature, exposes the subject to demonicinfluences. The implantation of 'memories' is thus easy to achieve. New Agers also like to cite cases of children who recall their past lives. This is highlydisingenuous since children are very suggestible and liable to accept all kinds of myths and stories as part of their personal reality. If they are members of a family with a leaning toward the occult, the child may also be exposed to unclean spirits andimplanted with 'memories' based on verifiable fact.It is worth noting that the great architect behind most New Age philosophies, Madame Blavatsky, did not herself assert the principle of reincarnation in her first major work,
 Isis Unveiled
. If the fact of reincarnation is such a central tenet of New Age thinking,then why was it not mentioned even once in that monumental tome (over 1470 pages)? The reason is simple -- it had not yet been identified (in 1877) as an importantingre dient in the toxic brew which Lucifer was preparing for the unwary.If you have any doubt about Blavatsky's allegiance to the rule of Lucifer, you migh like to note that the name she gave to her theosophical magazine was
and that the publishing house established by her disciples to propagate her works was initially called Lucifer Publishing Company (later changed to Lucis Trust). Her books,
 Isis Unveiled
The Secret Doctrine
are riddled with Luciferian philosophy.
Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

People foolishly think they can draw nourishment from certain New Age beliefs, incombination with their Christian faith, but this is not possible. As the Bible says,"Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?" (James 3:11). If a movement is Luciferian in any particular, it is Luciferian all the way through.

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Πεντηκοστιανοί-ΛΑΘΟΣ ΘΕΡΑΠΕΙΕΣ= εκμετάλλευση των θρησκευτικών συναισθημάτων

Βασικά χαρακτηριστικά της Πεντηκοστής σφάλματος ανήκει και το αίτημά τους για τη θεραπεία διαφόρων ασθενειών ως απόδειξη και την απόδειξη της παρουσίας του Αγίου Πνεύματος στη ζωή τους, τότε ονομάζεται «το βάπτισμα του Αγίου Πνεύματος
 Ποια είναι η αυθεντικότητα αυτών των «θεραπείες; παρουσία το χάρισμα της θεραπείας ως δώρο του Αγίου Πνεύματος στο χώρο λάθος,  Αναμφίβολα όχι.

  Πεντηκοστιανοί.  είναι=
ΛΑΘΟΣ ΘΕΡΑΠΕΙΕΣ  τεχνητά από αυτά για εσωτερική κατανάλωση και εξωτερική προβολή, και άλλοι είναι ενέργειες των κακών πνευμάτων, σύμφωνα με την διδασκαλία της Αγίας Γραφής και των Πατέρων της Εκκλησίας.

  δεν προέρχονται από τον ορθόδοξο κόσμο, αλλά είναι ψευδή, δεδομένου Πεντηκοστιανοί παρουσιάζεται ως δήθεν δώρα του Αγίου Πνεύματος.

 Χρήση των τεχνικών θεραπείας=,ΛΑΘΟΣ ΘΕΡΑΠΕΙΑ  =οικονομική εκμετάλλευση των θρησκευτικών συναισθημάτων

 ΘΑΥΜΑ ΔΕΝ ΣΥΜΒΕΙ. Λένε ότι αυτό θα συμβεί αργότερa..... ενθουσιαστικό παραλήρημα.
ασκείται μεθόδους και εντυπωσιασμού

πέραν πάσης αμφιβολίας, μετά από όλα αυτά που αναφέρθηκαν, ότι τα δώρα θεραπείες που υποτίθεται ότι πρέπει να λάβουν Πεντηκοστιανοί είναι γεγονότα και δράσεις απο κακά πνεύματα και απατηλά φαινόμενα κατά  τη πατερική διδασκαλίας.

 Αιτιολόγηση τους για αυτό ήταν ότι ο άνθρωπος αμάρτησε και πάλι και ο Θεός απέσυρε τη θεραπεία!?

Θαύματα γίνονται κάθε Κυριακή στις χαρισματικές εκκλησίες. Είναι συνηθισμένο show τους. Ακούει ότι κάποιος θεραπευτείκε από ασθένειες ή καρκίνο ή οτιδήποτε άλλο, αλλά ποτέ δεν βλέπουν αποδεικτικά στοιχεία .
 εμπειρίες των Πεντηκοστιανών?. Θα πρέπει επίσης να σημειωθεί ότι μερικές φορές η περιοχή της Πεντηκοστής λάθους, εκτός ΛΑΘΟΣ ΘΕΡΑΠΕΙΑ  θεωρείται εκδηλώσεις του Αγίου Πνεύματος, που λαμβάνουν χώρα μεταξύ αυτών    κακού πνευματοs.

Ο Ορθόδοξος Χριστιανός, όμως, γνωρίζει πολύ καλά ότι, σύμφωνα με τους αγίους Πατέρες, ή κατ 'εξουσιοδότηση από τον Θεό ή από τη φαντασία, λαθος θεραπεια προκαλεί η μη υποστηριζόμενη εντυπωσιασμού κάνοuν δαίμονες

Οι γλώσσες της Πεντηκοστής

Νομισμα της κύριας ψεύδη Πεντηκοστής λάθος και το κυρίως εξωτερική κριτήριο με το οποίο οι διάφορες Πεντηκοστής ομάδες πιστεύετε ότι κάποιος που έχετε αποθηκεύσει είναι το χάρισμα της γλωσσολαλίας, την οποία θεωρούν ως την προσωπική ολοκλήρωση του καθενός με το Άγιο Πνεύμα, για να επαναλάβετε το συμβάν της Πεντηκοστής, όπως συνέβη στους Αγίους Αποστόλους

 και εγγυημένη παραλαβή του Χριστού κατά την αρπαγή της εκκλησίας, πριν από την έλευση του Αντίχριστου, σύμφωνα με άλλες κακοδοξίες τους.
 τα μέλη της, αφού σύμφωνα με την παραπλάνηση δήθεν αληθινή εκκλησία στους έσχατους καιρούς είναι αληθινό χαρακτηριστικό γλωσσολαλιά.

Ως απόδειξη των ισχυρισμών τους επικαλούνται πλήθος αγιογραφικών χωρίων που σχετίζονται με την παρουσία του χάρισμα των γλωσσών στα χρόνια των Αποστόλων. Τι σχέση όμως είναι τα χωριά που αναφέρονται στο δώρο της ομιλίας σε γλώσσες, όπως υπήρχε στην αρχαία Εκκλησία, το φαινόμενο της γλωσσολαλιά Πεντηκοστιανοί; Αναμφίβολα δεν υπάρχει. Επιπλέον, όχι μόνο δεν έχουν σχέση, διότι παρερμηνεύουν και γιατί οι ισχυρισμοί και οι γλώσσες της Πεντηκοστής εμπειρίες ριζικά αντίθετοι με την Αγία Γραφή.

 σε συγκεντρώσεις των Πεντηκοστιανών που , λένε ακατανόητα λόγια, άγνωστο, ακατανόητο,  φράσεις μερικές φορές μοιάζουν με παραλήρημα συνοδευόμενη, ενδεχομένως, και με σπασμούς του σώματος.

 τα δώρα που χορηγούνται από τον Θεό στην Εκκλησία δίνεται ελεύθερα και αβίαστα να αυξηθεί στο Χριστό και την ενότητα του Σώματός Του  γλωσσολαλιά Πεντηκοστιανοί είναι ο καρπός των διαφόρων τεχνικών, συναρπαστική γεγονότα, συναισθηματικές και ψυχολογικές πιέσεις υποβολή.

 είναι κατανοητό, όσο είπαμε, ότι οι γλώσσες των σύγχρονων Πεντηκοστιανών δεν έχει τίποτα να κάνει με το χάρισμα της ομιλίας σε γλώσσες της αρχαίας Εκκλησίας. Είναι ενέργειες του πνεύματος του σφάλματος, η οποία μετασχηματίζεται σε άγγελο φωτός

Και ένα άλλο γλωσσολαλιά και τα θαύματα είναι δύο από τα κατ 'εξοχήν ουσιαστικά σημαίνει το διάβολο, μιμούμενος τον Θεό,Ως εκ τούτου, έχοντας πεποίθηση ότι η Εκκλησία, ως το Σώμα του Χριστού είναι το μόνο μέρος σωτηρία, δεν εντυπωσιάζεται από οποιοδήποτε φαινόμενο που δρα στο χώρο σφάλμα. Σε αντίθεση, με τη δέουσα προσοχή και διάκριση να θυμάστε πάντα ότι στην Αγία Γραφή ο Θεάνθρωπος και οι άγιοι απόστολοι μας έχουν προειδοποιήσει ότι ο Σατανάς «μετασχηματίζεται σε άγγελο φωτός» (Β Κορ. 11,14), ότι «δεν είναι κακοί άνθρωποι και γόητες προκόψουν για το μικρότερο κακό,πλανώντες και εξαπάτησε »(Β Τιμ. 3.4), και ως εκ τούτου« Δεν είναι πάντα πνευματικές πεποιθήσεις, αλλά τα πνεύματα ελεγχθεί αν από τον Θεό Εστίν και τα δόγματα των δαιμόνων

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Is islam

Islam presented the race "Gkouragis» (Quraysh = was the dominant tribe in Mecca region, which belonged to Muhammad and through which Islam spread in the Arabian Peninsula), as "fine race" to dominate all human races. Mohammed gave no single political responsibility to an individual who was not from the tribe of. Islam has legitimized slavery, reinforced the gap between social classes and allowed the robbery of infidels, captivity (Sabaya) women during wars and sexual abuse of slave women (Ima'a). It has seriously destroy the marital relationship with the laws of dowry (Mahr) and divorce, thus transforming the institution of marriage in a common transaction.
Is Islam a religion of social justice?
Some of the most outrageous principles Islam has, are looting and robberies, and the exploitation of people oppressed by the tax "Al Tzizgia" system (Al-Jizya). Acknowledged the social inequality, imposing "theZakat;» (Zakat = charity; obligation that gives a wealthy Muslim, a percentage of his income to the poor Muslims, contributing to purifying the rest of the property), in accordance with the following saying: "A grateful rich are better than a patient poor. "
Islam law for women?
A woman in Islam has less reason and faith. Stops prayer, such as donkeys and black dogs and considered impure during menstruation. They are only entitled to half of the inheritance, unlike a man, and her testimony in court, also counts, half a man. Islam put her under the guardianship of her husband and the "approval" of God obey him. A man has the right to "restore the order" his wife, beating her, and / or abandoning the marital bed, if she refuses to satisfy the sexual appetites whenever he wishes, regardless of their own desires and feelings. I am a feminist and I'm not one of those who defend women passionately against the countless forms of injustice suffered for centuries because of religion, but I have a mother, a sister and a girlfriend and do not tolerate humiliated and stigmatized with such intense way, because the love you too much to the treat with this wrong and creepy way that debunks undoubtedly the claim that Islam is a religion of equality and freedom!
Islam and human creativity
All forms of artistic expression is prohibited in Islam: Music, song, dance, painting, sculpture, acting, but also literature, poetry, philosophy, and even the use of reason! If you have difficulty to believe they will refer you to reliable Islamic sources, as well as sayings of Muhammad to make sure that we do not exaggerate and just set the strict truth.
Islam and science
Islam is rich in metaphors. Starting with the legend of the Oracle (the word of God communicated to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel), and the route through the so-called Night Journey and Ascension (Al-Isra'a & Al-Me'eraj), when Muhammad allegedly ascended to heaven on the back of an imaginary animal named "Buraq» (Burâaq) flying with the speed of light, to finish with dazzling stories of miracles that nobody has seen and no civilization has not recorded in historical archives or reported incidents that could support some of these claims. Islam, therefore, is based on blind faith that grows and takes control of the minds of men, where there is irrationality and ignorance. If this ideology had the merit of persuasion by appeal to reason and has experienced every aspect of human life, as we are former Muslims have said since I can remember, he would have resorted to incredible wacky stories to prove the accuracy of and to support the ideas? It is not that worthy of liars and crooks? Do not forget the blatant contradictions between the sacred texts and basic scientific truths as the fact that the earth is fixed and that the sky high above the ground and held without pillars, and that the meteorites were made for the purpose of stoning demons who conquered people from above.
The scientific miracles in the Qur'an
All of us former Muslims, know the absurdity, forgery and fraud of sheikhs who claim the existence of scientific miracles in the Qur'an and I think it is legitimate to ask why these people to construct a colossal lie after another around religion . The answer is simple: only a tissue of lies is able to perpetuate another lie. Islam could not be kept for long in front of the science that reveals the myths and undeniable weaknesses, one after another, such as the claim that the earth is flat and that two people who have nursed from the same woman made biological siblings. These people protect Islam and prevent stripping and death, trying desperately to reconcile with science using deception and distortion. If Islam were a divine religion and a message was sent by the creator of the universe, would be the laughingstock of the scientific sphere and target of endless criticism?
The Islamic God
It is a primitive, Bedouin and anthropomorphic God who draws the characters of the human world and experiencing feelings of anger, revenge, resentment of excellence, etc. The image of God that has been depicted in Islamic sacred texts pretty much reflect the human civilizations, like the majestic throne carried by the angels, which collapsed when finished the process of creation, which brings to mind the ritual of Hong Bong ( Honga-Bonga) carried out by the heads of their race. Even worse, some human actions, such as homosexual sex (in which even the Hong Bong does not interfere), can make this wonderful throne be shaken. Here is a transcendental «hadith» (hadith = tradition surrounding the behavior and the wisdom of Muhammad) that caught my attention: "Any work done by his son Adam just about himself, except fasting which is mine and reward. " The question that torments me is this: What pleasure can find the Almighty God to all those poor people who worship him? What good have done?
The prophet of Islam and the Koran
Muhammad was no different from the barbaric thugs who slaughtered, robbed and raped women; there is ample evidence in the "Sunna» (Sunnah = delivery of what they said and did Muhammad and the members of the first Islamic community). I invite you to do a job prior to blame that lie solely in order to hurt the image of the prophet of Islam. He was an amatory and diesyre all laws adopted to appease the voracious desire. Divided humanity and imprisoned the nation with backward and outdated laws Bedouin. He did not record any miracle that could prove his prophecy. All what had been a book that presents strong similarities with the poetry of his contemporaries, full of scientific errors and philosophical dilemmas.

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TV PREACHERS EXPOSED Satanism Pentecostalism New Age Tongues Demonic

These people ARE DOING THE JOB OF DEVILS .All these pentecostal sects,THE DEVIL WORKS GOOD WITH THEM-They use the name of Jesus and they deceive the naive people.They cannot understand that the devil can and is working with them,The devils can do or predict something.THE DEVIL'S CAN DO FALSE HEALINGS, FOR DECEPTION-LIKE WHEN THE ANTICHRIST COMES.The devil gives and the devil takes it away.if you mess up with this shit,it's difficult to come out.The devils owns you for ever,unless you humble your self and confess your sins to a priest.And you will be free from them.Modern Pentecostals. To justify their use of tongues, refer most of all to St. Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians (chs. 12-14). But St. Paul wrote this passage precisely because 'tongues' had become a source of disorder in the Church of Corinth; and even while he does not forbid them, he decidedly minimizes their significance. This passage, therefore, far from encouraging any modern revival of "tongues," should on the contrary discourage it‹especially when one discovers (as Pentecostals themselves admit) that there are other sources of speaking in tongues besides the Holy Spirit! As Orthodox Christians we already know that speaking in tongues as a true gift of the Holy Spirit cannot appear among those outside the Church of Christ.

Each sect has its own spirituality

Each sect has its own spirituality, its own distinctive approach to religious life practice. So Roman Catholicism had hitherto purely distinct piety itself, a piety limited to the "sacred heart", the paposyni, purgatory and indulgences, the various mystic revelations, and the like • and an observant Orthodox observer can detect in such aspects of modern Latin spirituality practical results of Rome's theological errors.

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Documentary Masonry Behind Closed Doors John Ankerberg Show

Οι άνθρωποι σπηλιές αλλοδαπών και ελεγχόμενη φαντασία μας

Οι άνθρωποι σπηλιές αλλοδαπών και ελεγχόμενη φαντασία μας
Τι γίνεται με τη δική μας φαντασία; Παρατήρησα ότι συχνά λαμβάνουν αυτές τις εικόνες τόσο ακριβής, σαν να ήταν φωτογραφίες. Αλλά αν κοιτάξουμε πώς ικανότητά μας να συντάξει έχει αλλάξει με την πάροδο του χρόνου ... Πώς ξέρουμε ότι αυτό που βλέπουμε είναι το ίδιο πράγμα που είδα, και πώς ξέρουμε ότι δεν βλέπουμε κάτι σε αυτές τις εικόνες μόνο και μόνο επειδή εμείς πορτρέτο αυτό ως κάτι που τυπώθηκε στο μυαλό μας όλα αυτά τα χρόνια από τα μέσα ενημέρωσης, ταινίες, βιβλία, κλπ;

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Ένα Εάν είστε Λουθηρανός, η θρησκεία σου ιδρύθηκε από τον Μάρτιν Λούθερ, ένας πρώην μοναχό της Καθολικής Εκκλησίας, κατά το έτος 1517. Αν ανήκετε στην Εκκλησία της Αγγλίας, η θρησκεία σου ιδρύθηκε από τον βασιλιά Henry VIII κατά το έτος 1534, επειδή ο Πάπας δεν θα του χορηγήσει το διαζύγιο με το δικαίωμα να ξανά παντρευτεί. Αν είστε ένας Πρεσβυτεριανός, η θρησκεία σου ιδρύθηκε από τον John Knox στη Σκωτία το έτος 1560. Αν είστε Congregationalist, η θρησκεία σας προήλθε από τον Robert Brown στην Ολλανδία το 1582. Αν είστε προτεσταντική επισκοπική, η θρησκεία σας ήταν μια παραφυάδα της η Εκκλησία της Αγγλίας, που ιδρύθηκε από τον Samuel Senbury στις αμερικανικές αποικίες κατά τον 17ο αιώνα. Αν είστε ένας Βαπτιστής, χρωστάς τα δόγματα της θρησκείας σας για John Smyth, ο οποίος ξεκίνησε στο Άμστερνταμ το 1606. Αν είστε από την Ολλανδική ανασχηματισμένη εκκλησία, σας αναγνωρίζουμε Μιχελής Jones ως ιδρυτής γιατί προέρχεται από τη θρησκεία σας στη Νέα Υόρκη το 1628 . Αν είστε ένας μεθοδιστής, η θρησκεία σου ιδρύθηκε από τον John και τον Charles Wesley στην Αγγλία το 1774. Αν είστε ένας Μορμόνος (τελευταίων Αγίων ημέρας), ο Τζόζεφ Σμιθ άρχισε η θρησκεία σας στην Παλμύρα, Νέα Υόρκη, το 1829. Αν λατρεύουν με ο Στρατός Σωτηρίας, αίρεση σας ξεκίνησε με τον William Booth στο Λονδίνο το 1865. Αν είστε Χριστιανός επιστήμονας, θα δούμε από το 1879 ως το έτος κατά το οποίο η θρησκεία σας γεννήθηκε και Mary Baker Eddy ως ιδρυτή της.  

Αν ανήκετε σε μία από τις θρησκευτικές οργανώσεις που είναι γνωστές ως «Εκκλησία του Ναζωραίου, Πεντηκοστής Ευαγγέλιο», «Αγιότητα Εκκλησία» ή «Μάρτυρες του Ιεχωβά», η θρησκεία σας είναι μια από τις εκατοντάδες των νέων αιρέσεων Ιδρύθηκε από άνδρες Μέσα στα τελευταία εκατό χρόνια.  

Εάν είστε Ρωμαιοκαθολική, εκκλησία σας μοιράζονταν το ίδιο πλούσια αποστολική και δογματική κληρονομιά όπως η Ορθόδοξη εκκλησία για τα πρώτα χίλια χρόνια της ιστορίας της, αφού κατά την πρώτη χιλιετία ήταν ένα και το αυτό Εκκλησίας. Δυστυχώς, το 1054, ο Πάπας της Ρώμης έσπασε μακριά από τους άλλους τέσσερις Αποστολική Πατριαρχεία (τα οποία περιλαμβάνουν την Κωνσταντινούπολη, την Αλεξάνδρεια, την Αντιόχεια και την Ιερουσαλήμ), παραβιάζοντας με τον Αρχικό Πιστεύω της Εκκλησίας, και θεωρώντας τον εαυτό του να είναι αλάθητος. ΕΤΣΙ εκκλησία σας είναι 1.000 ετών.  

Αν είσαι Χριστιανός Ορθόδοξος, η θρησκεία σου ιδρύθηκε το έτος 33 από τον Ιησού Χριστό, τον Υιό του Θεού. Αυτό δεν έχει αλλάξει από την εποχή εκείνη. Η εκκλησία μας είναι τώρα περίπου 2.000 ετών. Και είναι γι 'αυτό το λόγο, ότι η Ορθοδοξία, η Εκκλησία των Αποστόλων και των Πατέρων θεωρείται η αλήθεια "μία Αγίας, Καθολικής και Αποστολικής Εκκλησίας." Αυτή είναι η μεγαλύτερη κληρονομιά που μπορούμε να το δώσετε σε νέους της νέας χιλιετίας.

Does saved, only those punished prayers?

When in Law. Cloister, once a brother fell into an improbable calculus saying:

--- "We pray, awake ..., good and beautiful is all about. But in so doing help and others or only ourselves? ".

While preparing to confess this software on Elder gets the other monks and with persons seemed deeply moved, says his brother.

- Tonight my child, God showed me the following spectacle: while praying for my one moment it seemed that they were in a very large bank.

I was standing in front of a door that looked like the Beautiful gate of the church. In there in this space, countless crowds waiting in line. I looked like I was archisitopoios. Within this space and I saw you to be near me. Kovac something big an offering, and you bring them. The other people are passed in two rows in one living, the other the dead. I separated them all a reasonable portion and leaves everyone happy. Discerned through too many of my acquaintances, who had written, alive - dead in mnimonocharti.

Listening to all this, he told him his brother:

- Elder, this was for me. You solved my questions. Now I understand, what they offer prayers and mentioned in proskomidi for the whole world.

--- After my child interests, and I tell you something komboskini more awesome around the life of my old Elder.

I therefore my Elder, had the world a cousin. Although he was not the life so good, but the old man loved her very much. They used to notify them that their cousin died and not well.

He made several grimaces, histrionics spoke badly; etc. And over in these carpets so died ...

Once he learns the elder, began weeping. I was surprised; such sensitivity; both crying too. But I understand my own calculus and anticipates: "I do not cry my child who died; but weep because Kolastike".

But from that day Elder Give then fast and pray for his cousin. After several days, see Elder very happy.

--- "What Elder?" Occurs.

--- "Get yourself tell my child. After all these days not rest praying and N 'vigil, with fasting and tears for my xadelfoula, today I saw the following Thanksgiving and admirers vision. Whilst praying I see alive xadelfoula front of me and moufonazei with many rejoicing:

- "Today is the day of my salvation. Today escaped from hell. Today I go to heaven. "

Suddenly the same time I see her late Father George in front of me. This is a modern saint. When I had time in the world. He puts it in his mind, if ever possible, send all sinners from hell. Every day working and commemorate thousands of names.

Then turn around memory and all day reading thrice Holy and memorials to the dead. Since we saw him in front of me in a vision, I listened with great admiration me says:

"VRE-VRE ... until now I thought that the dead survive only a functional memorial. But now I saw I realized that with the Prayer Ropes saved the damned ... '. And again with admiration: "And with Prayer Ropes saved the world ...!".

With this vision informed that xadelfoula saved, but I 'showed the God and the power of Prayer that even from hell sent to souls. "

Saying brother excited Elder them, he gave him his blessing and wished him: "go to my wish now looked to rush as you can in obedience and prayer, and if you like yourself and others to help ... '.

From: monk Charalambos Dionysiatis, edition Joseph MD

Saturday, July 9, 2016


You CANNOT keep a secret without telling a lie! If a Mason should tell the truth, he has broken his oath, and if they should keep the terms of their oath, he is subject to death! The Mason, when confronted with direct questions about the Lodge, must say nothing, or lie to protect the secrets of his idol and in doing so, places his soul in danger of hell! More often than not, their pride gets in
the way, and they will respond and lie. One Mason whom I confronted, helped me to correctly pronounce their Blasphemous replacement name of God, "Jahbulon" , and then, 15 minutes later he denied that he ever heard of the word.
Who is your "Worshipful Master?" And who is your "Worshipful Grand Master”?
In each Lodge, every initiate bows his knee to another Mason whom he addresses as "Worshipful Master" as he swears his death oath of secrecy. In their ritual in which Hiram Abiff is glorified (shown later on this page to be Lucifer), they identify him as their "Worshipful Grand Master".
“Worshipful” is defined in the Webster's Dictionary as “worthy of being worshiped”
“Grand” in definition includes “to swell up, pride, most important”
"Master" is defined as "one who rules others, has control, authority"
These men act in direct disobedience to Jesus who said:
"No one can serve two Masters; for he Will hate the one and love the other.. (Matt. 6:24)
"Neither be ye called Masters; for ONE is your Master, even Christ.” (Matt. 23:10)

Monday, July 4, 2016

The illusion of freedom of choice

In Orthodox theology salvation is the result of synergy of divine grace and human will. Synergy does not mean that The human actions are equivalent to actions of God but that salvation brings together the human and the Divine will.

But what is the nature, the properties and the strength of the human will. It is so strong and unfettered human will to determine the life and salvation?
 I do not think that somewhere in the head or heart lies a free and unfettered, leading consciousness which has the potential to overcome the need. I do not think that there is a dynamic, observant center, a powerful perceptual, volitional point freely regulate and direct the thinking, action and emotion. The studies, experiences and my reflections not tolerate such a conclusion. I can not see autonomous and detached from Grace's freedom. I think that freedom of choice is not unconditional but rather experiential epiphenomenon of the interaction of many factors. belief systems, experiences, emotions, needs, desires, knowledge, environmental conditions, interpersonal relations, personal struggle and Grace interact continuously on a conscious and subconscious level, cultivating inside our existential fermentations which orient our giving empirical illusion of freedom of choice .

π. Πορφύριος

Για τον ειδικό ψυχικής υγείας το μέγεθος της ανθρώπινης αδυναμίας δεν είναι θεωρητική υπόθεση αλλά στατιστικά, επαληθεύσιμη, κλινική εμπειρία. Η ψυχοθεραπευτική πορεία είναι μια συνεχής αναμέτρηση με την αδυναμία βίωσης και άσκησης της ελευθερίας. Οι ψυχοθεραπευτικές συνεδρίες συνιστούν μια συστηματική πάλη με στόχο την ψυχική ωρίμανση και την αύξηση της δυνατότητας αυτοπροσδιορισμού.
 Πολλοί συνάνθρωποί μας είναι δέσμιοι υποσυνείδητων (και συνειδητών) φόβων, κινήτρων και αναγκών που ριζώνουν στα βαθύτερα στρώματα του ψυχισμού. Βασανίζονται από επίμονα, αρνητικά συναισθήματα, και διαχειρίζονται με μεγάλη δυσκολία τις αντιξοότητες που αναδύονται στην καθημερινή τους ζωή. Πάσχουν από διαταραχές άγχους, έμμονων ιδεών ή κατάθλιψης ή είναι εξαρτημένοι από ακατάλληλες, συντροφικές σχέσεις, υπερβολική κατανάλωση ποτού, φαγητού ή ναρκωτικών ουσιών. Σκέπτονται, αισθάνονται και συμπεριφέρονται με τρόπους που οι ίδιοι δεν αποδέχονται ούτε ανέχονται. Ισχυροί ψυχοδυναμικοί παράγοντες και πιεστικές, διαπροσωπικές σχέσεις προσδιορίζουν σε τέτοιο βαθμό την συμπεριφορά και τα συναισθήματά τους ώστε να μένει ελάχιστος, υπαρξιακός χώρος για την βίωση και την έκφραση της ελευθερίας.
 Τα όρια ανάμεσα στο ψυχικά υγιές και το παθολογικό δεν είναι με σαφήνεια διαχωρισμένα. Όλοι οι "υγιείς" βασανίζονται από νευρωσικές αδυναμίες και όλοι οι "ασθενείς" παρουσιάζουν υγιή συναισθήματα και συμπεριφορές. Συνεπώς το πρόβλημα της ελευθερίας των επιλογών δεν αφορά μόνο στους ψυχικά ασθενείς αλλά στην ίδια την ανθρώπινη φύση.
 Οι βιολογικές-γονιδιακές προδιαθέσεις, τα δομημένα αρνητικά χαρακτηριστικά της προσωπικότητας και η ένταση των πιέσεων του περιβάλλοντος προσδίορίζουν σε τέτοιο βαθμό τη συμπεριφορά ώστε να διαψεύδουν το μύθο της ελευθερίας των επιλογών. Αν υπάρχει ελευθερία δεν αφορά στις επιλογές αλλά στην διάθεση και την κατάσταση της καρδιάς.
 Μέσα από το πρίσμα της επίμονης οδύνης όλα όσα υπάρχουν και γίνονται βιώνονται ως πρόβλημα. O Ευαγγελικός λόγος δεν εκλαμβάνεται ως ευλογία αλλά ως επιπρόσθετη εξωτερική πίεση. Ο πνευματικός αγώνας, η νηπτική-σωτηριολογική προοπτική, το αυτεξούσιο, η ελευθερία των επιλογών και η προσωπική ευθύνη φαίνονται απόμακρες, ξένες και απειλητικές έννοιες. Όταν η επιβίωση καταντήσει παράλογο μαρτύριο, η πρόσκληση για απαράκλητη, στεγνή υπακοή στο θέλημα του Θεού μοιάζει με τραγική ειρωνεία.
 Η ανθρώπινη, μεταπτωτική φύση είναι πολύ αδύναμη. Η προσέγγιση του Θεού δεν πρέπει να να γίνεται με βίαιο, ψυχαναγκαστικό, ασφυκτικό τρόπο αλλά με ήρεμη και χαρούμενη διάθεση. " Τις αδυναμίες αφήστε τις όλες ... Να μην κάνετε καμιά προσπάθεια να απαλλαγείτε απ' αυτές. Ν' αγωνίζεσθε με απαλότητα και απλότητα, χωρίς σφίξιμο και άγχος. ... Όλα να γίνονται με απαλό τρόπο, αβίαστα κι ελεύθερα".

High Level Occult Yoga Woman Experiences a Glimpse of Hell!

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Vatican Council and the Novus Ordo Communists & Zionists Popes

Careful all of you. The Vatican Church is NO LONGER the Catholic Church but is run by a LIBERAL, MASONIC and ILLUMINATI JEWISH SECT practicing witchcraft , black masses behind closed doors and worshipping LUCIFER ! Through the NEW IDEOLOGY of RELIGIOUS LIBERTY promoted by the Vatican Council and the Novus Ordo Communists & Zionists Popes, THEY ARE GETTING ALL READY FOR THE ONE WORLD RELIGION OF THE ANTICHRIST, the so called messiah awaited by those Jews who still reject Jesus-Christ as The True Messiah.the only true and real religion accepted by the real god of the christians-IS THE ORTHODOX CHURCH.COME AND BE A PART OF THE ONLY TRUTH.GOD HAS SHOWN TO US MANY TIMES,AS WE CAN SEE IT...=BY THE HOLY LIGHT......IN JERUSALEM

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Does the Bible says that we are saved only by faith;


eschatological orientation of Pentecostal prophecy
directly connected to another oppressive psychological
event, which is the rapture of the Church of Christ before
the arrival of the Antichrist, according to their claims. with
serum Church certainly means themselves. It should be
to add that there are a large number of Pentecostals
groups, arguing exactly the opposite, namely that the rapture will
made after the arrival of the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation which will
monitoring Whoever tells us about Christ or kept in the hands of the Bible are not sure or certain that believe in Christ as we think
It is really tragic and terrible are the Bible book of all heretics. All heretics in this report. Because it is difficult for any Christian to immediately realize the fallacies and falsehoods of heretics should be avoided at all costs.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Topics protection-NOT to enter the dimension of demons

So then, the Christian should not hurry to experience. There is the question "hunting experiences," but these are matters of life and death. If it is God's will and in the interests of man, then God will oikonomisei, let him be found in such a situation, to understand the mental power. But then, you have to be patient. He should continue to fight the Christian fight, with the aim of sanctification. And although when God deems it appropriate, they will "remove" the obstacles to exclude the spiritual world. In no case, however, you will not have to deal with all that on his own, by way of eastern religions, or with the help of relevant books or teachers. Why put himself in great danger, and what he wants, will further removed. Because that would show his inexperience and immaturity, and God will never consider him worthy to handle this dangerous power of the soul safely. And every "success" with voluntary experimentation, it is not from God but from the evil one.
Especially baptized Christians, it is much more dangerous to ply with all of them. Why not just God does not give them the mitigating ignorance of faith to protect them adequately, but also their baptism has already been made. And no longer deletions, "purging" of dangerous gateways to the spiritual world.
If someone has been working closely with the "body experiences" (as well as these phenomena are called), then the "gateway" to the spiritual world "relaxes". And it is becoming easier (and therefore more and more dangerous) to enter the dimension of demons. But the holy baptism, God CLOSES this input, for those God knows that danger. But if the man is already baptized and open it, then the problem will be created with the involvement of this will be PERMANENT. It will always remain a gap from which it suffers to some extent from entities of this spiritual world. Although he no longer wants these experiences. This will be a lesson for him for the irresponsibility with which they act being baptized Christian, to deal with such dangerous situations, rather than the attested and paradedomenes by the holy Fathers illumination and deification methods.
So if you ever happen to feel this "trembling", it is good to know the following useful practical advice: Avoid lie back, and most importantly, be careful not to get your head down. Why outstretched neck facilitates the "exosomatosis process." Prefer to change attitude, turning sideways. Take care to prevent the "trembling" to strengthen. As soon accomplish, the better. And especially if you feel that there is nothing to prevent it, resort to PRAYER. It is the most powerful weapon that will stop this process, and will stop the "exosomatosis" process. Prayer is even more valuable, especially if you find that you can not control your movements.
If these are your situations often occur, first check the medications you are taking. Medicines like Tribulus Terrestris, may be the cause of such statements. This drug and the like drugs stimulate the secretion of the hormone for increasing the resistance in humans strongly stressed body. Attention therefore the medicines you take, if you find that you create such situations.
One very important thing that you should do if you find that surrounds your demonic presence, trying to lead you to exosomatosi is to check the items in your room or around your home. Is there there a Buddhist or magical symbol, or pagan idols? XEFORTOTHITE TA, and you will see that everything will get better.
Above all, however, what happens to remember that there is the strongest weapon against any attack, which is PRAYER. And when you encounter this problem seriously and thoughtfully, the Almighty is always willing to help you!
And attention! Do not be fooled by anyone, whether man or spirit, who will tell you that what happened to you due supposedly to the "holiness" you! Say: "I am a sinner man, earth and water." And analyze it to your distinctive spiritual, and he will advise you accordingly.

Monday, June 13, 2016

we live in the midst of the unseen spiritual world of the devils

when they tell you. about previous lives under hypnosis,the devil's can interfere into your subconscious mind,because under hypnosis its not you in control,devils do have
abduction of aliens=abduction of devils,πνευματική οδηγοί=
δαιμονικά όντα-spiritual guides =
demonic beings.-----The people who deal with black magic,they are the first ones,who will see their black fellows=devils on the other side- People who say to you,i see angels of God,when  ask for their presence,one thing is for sure.the devils play with them,and say to them a bunch of bullshit=The Angels of God,can interfere in someons life,After you pray for help if you are in difficult situation,and you might not even understand it.Some times can be seen only by others.T
heir perpose is to heip you and not the show of
 if Christ accepted the reincarnation will not cure the blind, but that would leave him now to pay off the debt of the sins of his past life and the next to be born in the best condition! Those from the Bible, can not be called a Christianos'kai taftlochrona to believe in Hindu beliefs ... Right of reincarnation fans to believe whatever they want. They may not, however, misrepresent the Bible to support their theory. The Bible in every part of negates reincarnation. If that were the reincarnation, the tangible growth of Elijah is not justified in the sky, after the body has no value nor the appearance of the transformation, as perfect as had to be lost in theio.o Moses, how he appeared; He had reincarnated over the 1,250 years since ap'to death ostin time of Christ; People believe in reincarnation of his tricks, devils.

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Unreported World Turkey Europes Hidden War

Το κάρμα τους είναι υπερφορτωμένο-THERE IS NO CHANCE TO PUT THEM IN EU.THEY WILL BE DESTROYED SOON.,KURDS ARMENIANS WILL HAVE THEIR OWN STATE,TURKEY WILL PAY FOR THE CRIMES ,THEY DID,THEY WILL INVADE IN AEGEAN,AND THAT WILL BE THEIR LAST MOVE.THEY WILL BE VANISH,ENGLAND WILL HELP RUSSIANS,BUT THEY WILL HAVE DISAGRE ON costantinopoli,thus will be given to Greeks.leave Turkey before is too late for your life-και, τέλος, η χώρα μου θα είναι απαλλαγμένη από τα τουρκικά στρατεύματα=από την εισβολή του 1974-οι συνομιλίες θα οδηγήσουν πουθενά.

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Muhammad= sex maniac=devils possessed

Muhammad once got caught having sex with his slave girl, Mary the Copt, in the bed of his wife Hafsah. After being pressured by Hafsah and Aisha to stop having sex with his slave girl, Muhammad vowed that she was forbidden to him. Later, Muhammad received a "revelation" from Allah (Quran 66:1-2), telling him that his oath was voided and that he could continue having sex with Mary the Copt. Is it reasonable to believe that Allah was so concerned about Muhammad having sex with his slave girl that Allah included verses about it in his eternal Word (the Qur'an)? Would Allah be so obsessed with Muhammad's sex life that he would grant Muhammad the right to break his oaths?

mohammad have sex with his dead aunt:
(Sahih Muslim 34424). "I put on her the cloth of paradise and I then had sex with her to ease the grave suffering on her."

Sahih Bukhari 7.18 Narrated 'Ursa: The Prophet asked Abu Bakr for 'Aisha's hand in marriage. Abu Bakr said "But I am your brother." The Prophet said, "You are my brother in Allah's religion and His Book, but she (Aisha) is lawful for me to marry."

"Aisha said, "The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old." (The narrator Sulaiman said: "Or six years."). "He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old."
(Abu-Dawud 2:2116) Narrated 'Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death). (Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64)

Narrated 'Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: I have been informed that 'Aisha remained with the Prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death)." what you know of the Quran (by heart)' (Sahih Bukhari 7:62:65)

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 6 : Narrated by Anas  The Prophet "He used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives."

Aisha was 8-9 years old and Mohammad(pbuh) was 52-53: Sahih Bukhari 1:4:233: "Narrated 'Aisha: I used to wash the SEMEN off the clothes of the Prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them."

Sahih Bukhari 1:6:298: "Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet and I used to take a bath from a single pot while we were Junub. During the menses, he used to order me to put on an Izar (dress worn below the waist) and used to fondle me."

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The tongues of Pentecostal

Mone of the main falsehoods Pentecostal error and the predominantly external criterion by which the various Pentecostal groups believe someone as you saved it is the gift of speaking in tongues, which they perceive as personal fulfillment of each one with the Holy Spirit, to repeat the event of Pentecost, as happened to the holy Apostles. [www.Pentecost.gr/Greece/history keim.htm. H. D.Reimer. Pfingstbewegung, Munehen 1995, σελ. 961-962].

The called speaking in tongues is proof pursuant Pentecostals of their "baptism with the Holy Spirit" [A.-S. McPherson, symbol of Pisteos.The four Square Gospel. Sel.19-21. Lymperis Siologkas, Steps leading to the blessings of God. P.17] and guaranteed receipt of the Christ at the rapture of the church, before the advent of the Antichrist, according to another their falsehoods.

Taftochronos supposedly is certification criterion that someone belongs to the church and are living members, since according to the misled allegedly true church in the end times is true feature of speaking in tongues.

As proof of their claims rely crowd hagiographical passages related to the presence of the gift of tongues in the years of the Apostles. What relationship but are the villages mentioned in the gift of speaking in tongues, as it existed in the ancient Church, the phenomenon of speaking in tongues Pentecostals? Undoubtedly no. Moreover, not only are not related, because misinterpret and why the submissions and the tongues of Pentecostal experiences are radically opposed to the Bible.

As examples will highlight the following:

They cite the prophecy Joel 3.1-2considering as pouring of the Spirit in the last days the phenomena of the area. Last days But in this passage is considered the first advent of Christ why the Apostle. Peter in Acts. 2.16 states that the prophecy has already been fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. On the day of Pentecost the Apostles speak foreign languages ​​existent, familiar, understandable (Πράξ. 2,4).

This is confirmed by dozens of people from different origins, who listened and understood the greatness of God everyone in the language of (Πράξ. 2, 6-8,11).

In contrast, in gatherings of Pentecostals who tongues gibber, say incomprehensible words, unknown, incomprehensible, asyntachtes sentences sometimes resemble delirium accompanied where appropriate and with spasms of the body.

When the apostle Paul may not have all the gift of speaking in tongues (I Kor.12,4-11, 30).

The opposite claim Pentecostals , Seen as the sine qua non proof filling of the believer with the Holy Spirit. When the apostle Paul, also the gift of speaking in tongues is placed last series of gifts (I Cor. 12.8 to 10, 28). Pentecostals here reverse the order and consider first, main and basic.

The Bible says that speaking in tongues was then given as a supernatural sign not for believers but for unbelievers, to motivate and to believe(I Cor. 14, 22).

The opposite teach Pentecostals, And consider it as the first point of salvation is certain.

Tha complete our observations with another label key referred to the character of the experience of speaking in tongues Pentecostals. While the gifts granted by God to the Church given freely and effortlessly to increase in Christ and unity of His Body (AKor.12), speaking in tongues Pentecostals is the fruit of various techniques, exhilarating events, emotional, and psychological submission pressures.

Nomizoume that is understood, as far as we mentioned, that the tongues of modern Pentecostal has nothing to do with the gift of speaking in tongues of the ancient Church. Are energies of the spirit of error, which being transformed into an angel of light presents them as somehow off - experience the filling with the Holy Spirit. This is confirmed by the fact that there are Pentecostal groups speaking in tongues but unitarian. In this case it is clear what spirit epidemic and there.

We will complete our reference to the issue of speaking in tongues Pentecostals quoting the views of two Greek Protestants. The importance and their importance is obvious, as is endoprotestantiki criticism, that criticism Protestant Protestant Pentecostals in the matter of speaking in tongues, sole guide the Bible.

According therefore to a Greek Protestant called "baptism with the Holy Spirit"Pentecostals whose fruit is speaking in tongues, is perception, false,"absolutely no support in the Bible (···) Look carefully the New Testament and nowhere will meet the baptism of the Holy Spirit as something separate from regeneration.» [G.A.Chatziantoniou. The Holy Spirit. The two phases of the project, the Voice of the gospel, 57 Febr. 1997. sel.62]

And another "speaking in tongues and miracles are two of the eminently effectively means the devil, imitating God, treats today for dark purposes» [Ger. Zervopoulos, Copyright. Greek Free Churches abroad sel.97] . Furthermore, believes that "speaking in tongues today is not only a gift unnecessary but also dangerous "And mentions the misinterpretation of Pentecostals. «which support the incomprehensible tongues to the event of Pentecost, from which they took their name, despite the fact that the Pentecost the disciples did not speak unintelligible languages, but spoke earthy, human languages, which were immediately and fully understood by listening» . [Ger. Zervopoulos, op.cit, sel.105]

And in the matter of speaking in tongues then Pentecostals, Orthodox Christian should have in mind the words of the Apostle Paul "agreements is left to the learned and epistothis, eidos despite what you learned"(II Tim. 3, 14). (Mark OODE: For an Orthodox analysis of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, see our digital book: " The baptism of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament ").

Friday, May 13, 2016

Δικαίωμα των οπαδών της μετενσάρκωσης να πιστεύουν ό, τι θέλουν

Ας θυμηθούμε τον Ιώβ που οι φίλοι τού έλεγαν ότι αμάρτησε και τιμωρείται, ενώ η δυστυχία ήταν μία δοκιμασία της πίστεώς του προς το Θεό. Εξάλλου, αν ο Χριστός δεχόταν τη μετενσάρκωση, δε θα θεράπευε τον τυφλό, αλλά θα τον άφηνε έτσι, για να ξεχρεώσει τώρα το χρέος των αμαρτιών της προηγούμενης ζωής του και στην επόμενη να γεννηθεί σε καλύτερη κατάσταση! Αυτά απο την Αγία Γραφή, δεν μπορεί να λέγεται κάποιος Χριστιανός'και ταυτλοχρονα να πιστευει στις Ινδουιστικές δοξασίες ... Δικαίωμα των οπαδών της μετενσάρκωσης να πιστεύουν ό, τι θέλουν. Δεν επιτρέπεται, όμως, να παραποιούν την Αγία Γραφή, για να στηρίξουν τη θεωρία τους. Η Αγία Γραφή σε κάθε σημείο της αναιρεί τη μετενσάρκωση. Αν ίσχυε η μετενσάρκωση, δεν δικαιολογείται η ενσώματη άνοδος του Ηλία στον ουρανο, αφού το σώμα δεν έχει καμία αξία, ούτε η εμφάνισή του στη μεταμόρφωση, αφού ως τέλειος έπρεπε να είχε χαθεί μέσα στο θείο.ο Μωυσής, πώς εμφανίσθηκε ο ίδιος? Δεν είχε μετενσαρκωθεί στο διάστημα των 1.250 ετών που μεσολάβησαν απ'το θάνατό του ωςτην εποχή του Χριστού? Οι άνθρωποι πιστεύουν στη μετενσάρκωση από τα κόλπα του, των διαβόλων.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

UFO Investigation The Truth New 2014

Τα περισσότερα φαινόμενα που συνοδεύουν την εμφάνιση UFO ή επαφή με εξωγήινους, βρίσκονται σε παρόμοια μορφή με τον πνευματισμό και τη μαγεία.Αυτό που είναι πολύ ενδιαφέρον είναι τα ονόματα των πολλών αλλοδαπών που μοιάζουν με τα ονόματα πολλών δαιμονικής θεότητες που λατρεύονταν στην αρχαιότητα, ή που είναι γνωστοί στους έμπειρους τις μαγικές επικλήσεις δαιμόνων. Για παράδειγμα, υπάρχει η περίπτωση μιας γυναίκας που ανέφερε πρόσφατα την εμφάνιση ενός UFO, και ο οποίος είπε ότι μετά από αυτό, μιας που παρουσιάζονται με τα πόδια τράγου, λαμπερά μάτια και τα μυτερά αυτιά κλασικό παγανιστικό θεό (τον θεό Πάνα στην αρχαία ελληνική θρησκεία )! Δύο διάσημα «αλλοδαπών» που έχουν εμφανιστεί σε πολλούς ανθρώπους είναι μη πολικά και εναύσματα, αντίστοιχα, πιθανώς τα ονόματα των Απολλύων και Αστάρτης, δαιμονικές θεότητες αναφέρονται στην Αγία Γραφή-Ό δε Διάβολος εκμεταλλευόμενος την σΰγχυσιν των καιρών, και την άδιαφορίαν του χριστιανού δια την ψυχικήν του σωτη­ρίαν, εργάζεται πυρετωδώς να αχρήστευση το έργον της Όρθοδόξου Εκκλησίας=Rev 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
 The aliens of our time match the demons and fallen angels mentioned in the Bible in terms of their behavior.